What To Look For In A Good Nail Salon?

There are many beauty salons offering manicures, but do you know how to identify a real expert? This article will give you the keys.

How we take care of our hands speaks volumes about our personality. The impression left by clean and moisturized hands with beautiful nails and perfect enamel is hard to beat. That coupled with the true revolution in manicures. Every day nail art takes a greater role in fashion. As a result, it requires us an appointment at the nail salon.

How do I know that the nail bar near me is a good one? There are a few key signs that warn us to know if we are in good hands or not. Remember these pointers and take advantage of it to your next appointment:

Sterilized tools

Check if they sterilize the tools they use in your service. In a quality nail salon, they have a special method of sterilizing heat “Quartz at 200ºC” for all metal instruments. It represents the highest level of sterilization. It is the standard procedure in the aesthetic facilities, according to the law. Although still relatively rare in the world of the nail salon. The process is the same as when you go to the dentist; all instruments are loaded individually into the sterilizer and subsequently bagged.

Removing nail acrylic

If you use acrylic, ask what options they have to remove it. The best nail salons are concerned about the health of your nails. Don’t let your nails soak in acetone because it will dry. Some premium nail salons near me use a specific product for this service.

Nail Products

Check the brand of the products that they will use for your nails. Ideally, do not apply a different brand for the base and the final coating. A good salon should know the importance of using the same brand for the base and enamel. In contrast, don’t return to a salon focus is applying nail directly on the nail without a base applied. The base coating protects your nail from enamel pigments. It also prevents nails from having a yellow or red stain after removing the color.

Nail polish

As already discussed, the # 1 concern of an expert manicurist will be the health of your nails. It means they are careful about the brand of products they use. They should not contain toxic and harmful components for the health of your nails. Always check the ingredients of each product that manicurists apply on your nails. Some of these harmful components are ‘Toluene, Formaldehyde and diethyl phthalate.’


A professional manicurist knows he or she should sanitize before each service. Look for a nail salon that disinfects their customer’s and manicurist’s hands. This will prevent the spread of common germs.

Manicure towel

A premium nail salon uses 100% disposable towels. This will ensure that the towels used for each client are clean. These towels contain no smell, have a very smooth texture and are not rolled back. These are ideal for removing waste because it does not leave lint, germs or bacteria. If you visit a salon that does not do this, think twice before going back.

These guidelines should help you avoid getting short changed. Finally, keep in mind these six characteristics when you go back to your salon. Your safety and comfort should be your salon’s priority.

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