Beaches In Jacksonville

One of Jacksonville’s main attractions is its beaches. Situated along the coast of northeast Florida, the city has a long stretch of white sand beaches. The best part is the beaches are only a few minutes away from Jacksonville’s downtown. So if you want to escape the city, just have a few minute drive to one of Jacksonville’s beaches. The best part of Jacksonville’s beaches is they are for everybody, so everyone in your family will surely enjoy Jacksonville’s beaches.

Jacksonville offers three major beach areas, which are Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach. Let’s take a look those beaches and see what they have to offer.

Jacksonville Beach

When it comes to surfing spots, a lot of people think of Hawaiian pipeline. Jacksonville wouldn’t come to mind since the city is known as one of the business centers in the region. With its towering skyscraper, who would have thought that there is a beach with excellent surfing spot just outside the downtown area. Jacksonville Beach is also the closest beach from the city. So if you are an avid surfer, Jacksonville Beach is one of the places that you have to visit. Locals who are familiar with the best surfing spots in the area recommends “The Poles”. This surfing spot is located just outside of Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park.

Aside from its surfing waves, the beach is also known for its pier. People who are into fishing or just want to have a view of the ocean visit the fishing pier. The beach also doesn’t come short of bars, restaurants, and even golf course. It is indeed the perfect place to visit as it offers interesting places and activities for everybody.

Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach is the northern most beach among the three. The area also has historical significance because historians believe that the first all year-round Native American settlement in North America was in this area.
The atmosphere in the beach is very relaxing, far different from the atmosphere in the downtown just a few minutes away. Both locals and tourists flock to the beach during summertime. The beach also has a golf course and parks. There are a lot of other activities that visitors can do in this beach such as cycling, surfing or beachcombing.

Neptune Beach

Neptune beach is situated between Jacksonville Beach and Atlantic Beach. It shares borders with Atlantic beach on the north and Jacksonville Beach on the south. Among the three beaches in Jacksonville, Neptune beach is the smallest.

Since the beach has a small coastal community, the atmosphere in the beach is more laid-back. If you want to pause, escape the fast lane and slow your pace down, this is the perfect beach to visit. This beach also offers the best sunrises and sunsets. With its laid-back atmosphere and an amazing view of the shoreline and the sunset, this beach will surely take your stress away.

Aside from the beach and the view, the community also has other things to offer. There are business establishments in the area for your conveniences such as restaurants, oceanfront hotels, boutiques, and shops.

Some Reminders Before Going To The Beach

Whether you will go to the beach for a few minutes of relaxing walk along the shoreline or stay the whole day for various watersports, preparation is necessary to make sure that you will enjoy the experience and avoid mishaps that could ruin your vacation.

The following are some of the preparations that you have to consider before you go to the beach.

Beach Accessories

These types of products are very important to make your holiday spectacular. Sunglasses should be one of the first items in your suitcase, but hats can also protect you from sunburn and sunstroke. A large towel will be useful.


To enjoy your holidays on the beach you need to plan everything in advance to avoid any surprises. When you reach your destination, take the following tips to avoid sunburn that can ruin your skin and ultimately, your vacation.

Apply a sunscreen and expose to the sun gradually. For example, on the first day, it is not recommended that you expose yourself to direct sunlight for more than 10 minutes. This amount of time can be increased five minutes a day. Remember, sunscreen should always be above SPF30 and be reapplied every hour.


Be extremely careful with food, because high temperatures can damage food easily and affect your health. Store perishable foods in the refrigerator after you buy. Make sure the fruits and vegetables are clean and free of flies or insects. Eating fresh and raw foods (such as fruits, salads, and meats) is advised because will make you feel lighter and will provide the essential vitamins and minerals to feel energized.


Keep your body hydrated. With the heat of the sun, your body will easily be dehydrated. Do not forget that it is very important to be constantly hydrated: fruit juices, mineral water, and flavored waters are the best options. Beware of alcohol, beer is diuretic so you will lose more water if you will drink beer.

Handling Animals

It is very tempting to touch or even hold animals that are new to you. However, avoid contact with strange animals or insects unless you are sure that they are safe to touch. Use repellent to protect against mosquitoes.

Proper Clothing: Before Leaving Home

You must define the type of vacation you are planning and the activities you are interested in. Pack your clothes accordingly. Do not forget to bring clothes for unexpected occasions, as it could save your night. Also remember the basics of swimwear, tank tops, shorts, shorts, and sandals.

Other Important Things to Remember

Always remember to wear protective lotions such as sunscreens and moisturizing creams to protect your skin from the harsh sunlight. Lotions with aloe vera and vitamins A and E are highly recommended. This will restore nutrients and water lost during the day. As much as possible drink two liters of water a day. Enjoy doing sports, swimming, walking on the beach and reading or just doing nothing. Watching the sunset, this will give you time to think about life in calm and peace.