Beach Activities With Friends And Families

It is important that we sometimes take a break from our daily routine so that we will avoid being burned out and be refreshed. One of the best ways to unwind is to go to the beach. Invite your friends and families to hit the beach and have fun. Aside from swimming, there are a lot of different activities and games that you can try.

In Search of Pirate Treasure

In this game, you compete in two teams to see who is the first team to find the pirate treasure hidden on the beach. It really is a kind of gymkhana in which the contestants will have to go along different clues hidden in the coastal environment until you find the treasure. In the beginning of the game, each team will be given with a map with the route for the game and he will have to go looking for the various signals that will lead them to victory. Clues could be objects, hidden posters, signs, and letters.

The Castaway Game

For this activity, one must take hold of the imagination and think that you are the survivors of a shipwreck and have gone to a desert island. In order to get out of it, you have to build a raft afloat and let you return to your home. In this game there is competition for teams and each team will be provided with a series of material to build their own boat. Once all teams have finished their respective vessel, there will be a race. The winning team will be the one who builds a reliable boat and won the race.

Mediterranean Games

This activity takes place over a full day and is about dividing the group into two or three teams (depending on the number of people) who have to compete with each other in various tests. They are a kind of Olympics but adapted to the beach. Exercises can vary but some of the most common are the relay races on the beach, canoe competitions by the sea, a beach volleyball match with a giant ball or the game handkerchief.

Maritime Triathlon

This is a sports competition in which three different tests are performed: one attends swimming in the sea, a test of cycling along the promenade and a run along the beach. These exercises will be an individual competition and thereby aims to promote the physical and mental capacities of each people and boost their competitive spirit from a positive point of view. In addition, these three different sports are physical activities that allow the release of stress and unwind for a few hours of work.

Sandcastle Competition

Who has never made a sandcastle? This test is more about thinking big and brings out the imagination of everyone. By the help of cubes and other tools to create shapes, different teams participating will have to design your own castle. The bigger and most original better because then there will be a jury, who will be responsible for selecting the winner. This game is to stimulate creativity channeling it through a team.

Volleyball or Beach Soccer Tournaments

These are two of the teambuilding activities on the beach which teamwork is encouraged. In tests of volleyball and beach soccer, your group will be divided into two teams. It will be a classic tournament in which one of the two has to be the winner. Both are physical activities that drive exercise and at the same time, being team sports, promote the value of teamwork.

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